Friday, July 29, 2016

My new wheels have arrived!

 photo 3a34588a-0de3-4451-9a3a-8f7f70c82d34_zpswzdqcnz7.jpg

I just received my new eBay wheels and I am really happy with the way they look. These were by far the least expensive 15x8 wheels on eBay, at 295$US. Each wheel is more than 5 pounds lighter than the original Honda wheels, so the car is now 20 pounds lighter. It looks like there will be no rubbing, but I will know for sure after trying out the setup on track, hopefully Monday. I noticed that one of my Bridgestone tires was corded, so I bought a pair of Hankook RS3's in 225-45-15 (instead of 205-50-15), which will be the new front tires. I installed anti-theft lug nuts, in case someone thinks these wheels are worth stealing. 

A guy who works in my building saw the model Jaguars in my office and asked if I was a fan. When I told him I was, but mainly of older cars, he told me he had three (!) XJSC's. This was the early convertible, which was a sort of targa top with a folding rear section. Later in the production run, there was a full convertible XJS. There are probably not too many of these still on the road in Quebec, and this guy has three of them! This one is absolutely mint, and even has the correct Pirelli P4000 tires. 

Other interesting spots from the past couple of days:

This must be the cleanest first generation Honda CRV in Quebec. No rust anywhere.
This MGB had a bit of a hot rod look, with a cool fiberglass front valance
This guy again
A rare 944 Turbo, with a weird gash in the sheet metal just in front of the rear wheel
Frozen Silver M5
I love the old-school Rotiform wheels on this otherwise plain Audi
A clearly modified Audi RS4
A very clean 80's Jaguar Sovereign
A rare Alfa in North America
... the FWD Spyder
Nicer looking than the M5, the M6 Gran Coupé

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