Thursday, July 21, 2016

Another Monday at St-Eustache

OK, I know I am posting things out of order here. This post is about the last Monday night lapping before my trip to Greece, June 20th. I never got around to posting it before the trip.

On the Monday in question, I took an appointment at the alignment shop to remove some of the negative camber in my front suspension. It turns out the alignment guy was right and I was wrong: 3 degrees of negative camber was just too much. I realized this two ways: by spotting the obvious wear on the inside of the tires and by measuring the temperatures with a laser pyrometer of the outside, middle and inside of the tread just after coming off the track. The new setting is 2 degrees of negative camber.

I was hoping to see how this new setting worked out on the track, but the hot weather (it was over 30 degrees Monday evening) prevented me from gathering any useful data, as there was no way to break any lap records in such heat.

The car performed well, but after about 15 minutes on track, it went into limp mode on two occasions. I assume this is something to do with the heat and hope it is something that can be solved with a new tune of the programmable ECU.

Still, despite gathering no useful data (my best lap was 1:02.92, so 0.6 seconds off my best lap), I had fun chasing other cars around the track, including several Porsche 911 variants that showed up that day.

Here is a short video I made of a couple of laps trying to catch a 996 Porsche:

Finally, here are a bunch of JAG's photos of the evening:

 photo 20.06.2016.a_zpsysle28ih.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.b_zpszoef7bm2.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.c_zpssfbfdtqc.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.g_zpsnm6k7trb.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.f_zpseepv6hsb.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.e_zpsydlpbzj4.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.d_zpsctn5aj5y.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.h_zpsu8kzowpy.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.i_zpsblnv1rpv.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.j_zpsifehwxa8.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.k_zpshhnd1cxj.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.l_zpsmt6h258r.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.m_zpskefrbcnp.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.n_zpshmoqsunh.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.p_zpsbaooofmr.jpg

 photo 20.06.2016.o_zpsv6osywcq.jpg

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