Monday, June 20, 2016

New best lap at St-Eustache last Monday

Last Monday I headed back to St-Eustache and again increased my best lap, to 1:02.32. I managed a pretty similar lap of 1:02.4 in the following session too. This is better than I had ever hoped to achieve without further modifications. Over all, the car is going well, although it goes through brakes pretty quickly. I paid some professionals to roll the fenders to that, even when I install wider wheels and tires, they won't rub.

One small issue, when changing the tires from front to rear the other day, I noted some excessive camber wear on the fronts. Last Monday at the track, I used an infrared thermometer to measure inside-middle-outside temperatures on the tires and could see that they were getting much hotter on the inside sections. I have an appointment at the alignment shop later today and hope to reduce the static camber from 3 degrees to about 2 degrees. Even if that if there is an improvement on track later tonight, I doubt that my lap time will improve, as it is over 30 degrees and cars don't usually do their best in such hot conditions.

I briefly drove a student's car, a supercharged second-generation Miata. I could barely fit in the race seat as the steering wheel so rubbing against my thighs. The car felt quite a bit less powerful than my Civic, but the steering was spot on, better than any front-wheel-drive car can likely manage.

Here are some of the photos by JAG, and there is a short video of my best lap at the bottom of the page.

 photo 13.06.2016.11_zpsljwoiaal.jpg
 photo 13.06.2016.8_zpsvagdqs0b.jpg
 photo 13.06.2016.10_zpsvqqg5pai.jpg
 photo 13.06.2016.5_zps285edauq.jpg
 photo 13.06.2016.4_zps1injntez.jpg
 photo 13.06.2016.3_zpsy341s4kb.jpg

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