Friday, October 2, 2015

There are a lot of cool cars in Old Montreal.

All of these cars were spotted in the space of 20 minutes in Old Montreal:

This Spitfire is not a beauty, but it's still cool...
One horsepower vs. 565 horsepower
Before there were 700 hp sedans, 400 hp was a big deal...
Excellent choice of wheels for this Volvo V70R
Same MGB as the other day, still looking great
I've spotted this very clean Shelby many times over the years. 

A rare Aston Martin Vainquish
That's a lot of wing for a production car... maybe too much
Other cars spotted near home of work:

If you're going to have a loud exhaust, might as well have loud paint too.
I know the new Miata is coming out, but I still quite like the "old" one, especially with a hard top
Alpina B7 on the way to work this morning
Challenger Hellcat on Laurier street 
I don't love the Targa, but this one was quite tasty-looking
Cool Defender 90 in Old Montreal
Not badged as an Alpina, but it has the wheels...
Another real Alpina, that's two spotted within 24 hours.
I like that they brought back the little M-badge for the grill, like in the 80's. Is this a factory item?

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