Monday, October 19, 2015

Paul Ricard Truck Race

As I mentioned in my post about our summer trip to Oslo and Provence, we spent the last day of the trip attending a truck race at Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet. The event was called the Grand-Prix Camions du Castellet.

We did not spend the whole day at the track, as it was really hot, and most family members were not really enjoying the racing action after the first couple of hours. It's somewhat understandable, as most of the track seemed to be inaccessible for the fans and the start-finish straight did not provide too much action.

There were truck sessions interspersed with Caterham sessions. The contrast between the massive trucks and tiny Caterhams could not be greater. Before attending this event, I naively wondered whether some of the racing trucks actually served as commercial trucks when they were not racing... it turns out that these huge racing machines are almost like silhouette racers, in that they are mostly tube-framed and custom-built, and only look like their road-going counterparts.

Here are a few of the photos taken that day.

 photo 000291_zpsmu87gz9a.jpg
I wish I were there to drive, but spectating would have to do...
 photo 000287_zpshrrpktvk.jpg
A Dakar style truck on display in the paddocks
 photo 000286_zps5srx3ihw.jpg
It's strange to see such a clean desert racer...
 photo 000284_zps1wnx1djg.jpg
One of the colourful circuit racing trucks
 photo 000283_zpsnbju99jr.jpg
They are impressive beasts
 photo 000273_zpsm4kzhrkt.jpg
This team had great marketing, giving out free team flags to fans
 photo 000276_zpsj7fuelj9.jpg
The paddocks are constantly wet because the trucks use water-cooling for their brakes
 photo 000279_zps5c2jrxne.jpg
The trucks are not as tall as one would expect
 photo 000282_zpsbpo2bygd.jpg
That is some serious caster...
 photo 000270_zpsv1m8bosp.jpg
Not much ground clearance
 photo 000238_zpsqyjwccr4.jpg
It's probably quite a job to perform tire changes
 photo 000265_zpsprarfele.jpg
The tents in the paddocks have to be quite big to accommodate these racers
This guy got his flag
Out on track in the Provence countryside
Beautiful backdrop
These photos were taken from the top of the control tower/building
Start-finish straight
A lovely street version of the Caterham
This one was a bit less subtle...
These racers seemed to also be road-legal
The Caterham paddock
There were many family-friendly activities, including free balloon animals
 photo 000231_zps4vohymdj.jpg
... and a lovely shaded play area. Jules preferred the toy trucks to the real ones.
 photo 000266_zps5yrs6tjl.jpg
Simple design, it just works
 photo 000252_zpsxsixqfcg.jpg
These must be a blast to race
 photo 000292_zpsa0d6seh5.jpg
There must be quite a lot of room to maneuver in such a small car
 photo 000294_zpsqnmn9jkv.jpg
And I bet they can brake quite late
 photo 000263_zpsa2tfqbd1.jpg
Some of the race cars were impeccably clean
 photo 000298_zps4ikgv9bx.jpg
Look how far back the driver sits in the car!

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