Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall in Montreal

We've had variable weather this fall so far, but all in all, there seems to be more sun than rain and it's not terribly cold. We had a gorgeous day on Thanksgiving last Monday and enjoyed a long walk to Old Montreal as a family. We even ate lunch outdoors. 
The boys sitting on a huge downed tree in Mount Royal Park... it was a cold morning last Saturday!
Although many people seem to have put away their exotic cars, there are still a lot of interesting machines out there...

The new S-class Coupe looks nice, but not terribly original
It's the Great Pumpkin!
In grey, the RS7 looks like a mean whale.
I keep spotting this 635csi, and I still love it. It has an aftermarket exhaust, but the sound is not that great.
This Mustang is crying out for attention...
I'm getting a but sick of flat/satin black, but I love these Viper coupes
It has a lot of presence
The shape is very similar to the original Viper GTS of the 90's, but that's not a bad thing.
With all the boring-looking Mercedes on the road these days, I have a new appreciation for the previous generation SL's.

A rare and distinctively shaped Infiniti, which was not at all popular in its time
Another mean-looking Evo. I like the Enkei wheels and the absence of rear wing.
I still think these ISF's look great.
A first-gen TT with very 90's style wheels. I like the look.
Even a small SUV can look cool with the right wheels.
This Audi S6 Avant also has the right wheels
As does this Brabus-badged SLK. Are those Lorinser wheels?
This Maserati does not have the right wheels, but it's still a lovely-looking, and sounding, car
A super-clean original Mini

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