Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Summer is winding down...

Summer is winding down (actually, it's officially over since yesterday), and the end of summer means it's time to go apple-picking. We went to St-Joseph-du-Lac last Saturday, when the weather was still very warm. Jules was big enough to climb the ladder to pick apples. Oscar was big enough to sit on a tiny plastic seesaw. 

Jay enjoys tractors...
... he somewhat enjoys picking apples. He definitely enjoys climbing things.
Oscar enjoyed this mini-seesaw, until he fell off it (in slow-motion, onto the sand).
It's funny how its colour matched his outfit.
Even though summer is over, there are still many cool cars on the road.

Saggy rear suspension on this clean 635csi. 
Spotted this clean Corvette on St-Laurent
Is it a sign that I'm getting old? I kind of like these Mustangs now, more than I did when they were new.
The GTR is already a menacing-looking car. It looks even more menacing in satin black.
This M5 really looks like a 4-door version of my M3.
These Defenders probably don't drive too well in the city, but they sure look cool.
I see this Ferrari 599 almost every week...
But it's rare that I see two of them in the same hour
I don't love the Fiat 500 (it's way too tall), but if I ordered one, it would be with these specs. Nice wheels, stripe, and colour combo.
A Civic like this with the body kit and no wing looks pretty decent. This one is not even an Si.
Another car I don't love, but that looks quite nice with the right wheels.
A random picture of Oscar in the playroom
Alex and I managed to get away for the weekend and go to Ogunquit to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. It was the first time that we had both kids babysat together overnight (thanks to my Mom for watching both boys!). The weather was very nice on Saturday and Monday. On Sunday, it was quite grey and a bit rainy. We decided to head to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and we did one of Alex's favourite things: we visited a couple of historic houses. Wentworth-Gardner House and Warner House.

We stayed at the Marginal Way House in Ogunquit
Alex in the back yard of Warner House ...
 ... and in front of Wentworth-Garner House
It was nice to walk on the beach with Alex in warm weather for once. We usually only go to Ogunquit deep in the off-season when it's quite cold, but this time we got organized early in the off-season. It was an excellent long weekend.

Sometimes, you see a car that makes you smile. Like this red Bentley Turbo R spotted outside a factory outlet in Maine.

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