Friday, September 11, 2015

It still feels like summer!

We've had great weather this month and I'm trying to make sure we all spend as much time outdoors as possible before the cold hit. The rare and exotic cars are still around too.

9-month-old Oscar can stand up when he has support
Jules enjoys a very long slide in the Mont Tremblant village
Track-oriented CRX in Old Montreal
Crap photo, but my ideal 635 Csi: white with no black rubber rear spoiler
A pristine Porsche 965
I love the wheels on the later RX8's
I think the RCF looks pretty cool
I don't love MGB's, but this one just looks right
Is the Fiat 500 too tall? Yes, clearly
The Corvette Z06 looks seriously exotic
Nice striped C63 Coupe
I don't love the M4, but it looks surprisingly good in red...
I see this Jaguar XKR-S every week, and I still think it looks awesome
Some cool cars in my neighbourhood last night:

991 GT3
Another Huracan
A rare Aston Martin DB7

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