Thursday, July 16, 2015

Spotted in Montreal

I think this is the most exotic car I have spotted this year, and it was right outside my office. It sounded amazing...

Lexus LFA

Other neat spots around the city:

I almost never like 3-spoke wheels, but they just look right on this Mitsubishi
How do you spice up a plain-Jane Mercedes E-class wagon? Huge white wheels!

Huge wheels also look good on this Audi RS4
Sora's "Electric Superbike"
I really liked the rugged look of this VW Westfalia 
Spotted at the Longueuil court house... some lawyers are doing pretty well, I gather.
These Volvo Polestar's don't look too radical, but I like the idea of a subtle high-performance wagon... plus they sound neat!

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