Thursday, October 30, 2014

Still enjoying the fall weather

I don't know what kind of winter we're going to have, but it's hard to complain about fall so far. Even on days when it hasn't been sunny, it's been unseasonably warm. People seem to be driving their sports cars and classics later into the season than they used to, which is nice for car-spotters like me.

 photo 20141030_105518_zps4e7c146c.jpg
I passed this 458 this morning (on foot) as it was stuck in traffic
 photo dafb23c4-4187-4a04-a247-0ab2a95477c2_zpsccf3397a.jpg
Perfect car to drop off your daughter at school: a loud 996 GT2
 photo 20141027_090701_zpse3fc7073.jpg
More and more rare, and in nice condition too: VR6 Corrado
 photo 20141024_192903_zpsb6b46312.jpg
This owner got the formula right for a sweet-looking Miata: lowered, aggressive offset wheels and the hard top

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