Thursday, September 4, 2014

September is a lovely month

The weather has been great, Jules seems to be doing well at Daycare, Alex has started her semester. It's weird to have access to my Civic all the time, in my own garage. I've lived in this place for a year, but the Civic was always somewhere else. I actually took the time to wash the car, as people who know me (or the car) will attest, that is a rare thing. I even scrubbed the wheels and did some touch-ups to the paint.

 photo 81e409e3-0532-4f5b-a05e-58a2c75fa32a_zps06c87703.jpg

It is also weird to have this fully functional track car in the garage and a week with no events to attend (there was no Monday lapping on Labour Day). I look forward to next Monday as well as a full day on track Sateurday the 13th with Club Civic Quebec.

Here is a picture of Jules sitting on a giant log in Mount Royal Park. Someone seems to have carved a seat into the log. That is all!

 photo IMG_20140901_170640_zpscd28cdc8.jpg

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