Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Club Civic Québec lapping day

My personal goal at the CCQ lapping day last Saturday was to finally break the 1-minute la time. It did not happen: the best I achieved was 1:00.06. Yes, that was frustrating! Still, the car was doing great, until the header cracked... for the 5th time. That was not the real issue as far as lap times. The real issue was that it began pouring rain just before lunch time, which meant we only got two sessions in the dry.

Anyway, here is the video!

And here are a few pics from the day.

 photo IMG_20140913_095249_zpsf93c3b0b.jpg
Not all cars were Civics...
 photo IMG_20140913_095837_zps3a1fac2e.jpg
... but most were!
 photo IMG_20140913_100105_zpsba0c7c98.jpg
My Civic with Pascal's. He had electrical issues early in the day.
 photo IMG_20140913_111652_zps1c2fbc35.jpg
My dry setup
 photo IMG_20140913_143541_zpsc4c9281a.jpg
Trong's wet setup
 photo IMG_20140913_144750_zps9f180720.jpg
... which looked a lot like my wet setup!

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