Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jules starts daycare, Civic still running strong

It's only been a few days since Jules' second birthday and he is already hitting another milestone: his first day at daycare. We've started him off with half days, actually, and hope to have him up to full days next week. He cries when we drop him off, which is sad, but apparently he is doing OK after we leave.

Here he is just before his first day Monday:
 photo IMG_20140825_093626_zpsc84b68ef.jpg

Later Monday, I headed to St-Eustache with the now reliable (knock on wood!) Civic. I told Pascal I wanted to follow him around for motivation so I could finally break my record and lap the track in under one minute. Pascal regularly laps in under a minute. I even removed the passenger seat to maximize my chances. Although we had a blast lapping together, we did not his the magic number of 59 seconds (my best of the day was 1:00.6). Maybe I will have a better chance when it's cooler out, as it was 28 degrees and very humid. I put together this video of our attempt.

Here is a photo I took before heading out
 photo bbd0010e-0efe-438a-b0d6-d97116be6af4_zpsddd444e5.jpg

And here is a photo that was posted on MontrealRacing
 photo fafa9a2e-b598-4369-b9bd-8e43c3379cf3_zpsa0bbc6d8.jpg

I really hope I can break my lap record this season, but I don't want it to be all about lap times. I want to have fun and generally improve my driving.

There are always interesting cars in and around Montreal, as can be seen from these photos.

 photo IMG_20140827_083634_zpse4f608dc.jpg
Cool wheels on a design that is aging well
 photo IMG_20140818_101740_zpse91b3c2d.jpg
A rare sight in Montreal, as this model was never imported to North America
 photo IMG_20140826_101021_zps7fe143f7.jpg
Although this model is still a much nicer design!
 photo IMG_20140826_080706_zpse1c6e6d3.jpg
A rare Alpina B7
 photo IMG_20140824_155632_zps4ff5b1f0.jpg
The first new M4 I have seen on the road
 photo IMG_20140823_181203_zps45ecc8d1.jpg
A nice clean Volvo 240 Turbo

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