Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Track Day at Castle Combe

During our trip to England, we stayed in the lovely town of Bath after our visit to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Alex mentioned that she wanted to visit the village of Castle Combe (among others) and I remembered that there was a race track there. Alex agreed to stop at the track so I could have a look around and I was pleasantly surprised to come across a track day in progress. I managed to snap a few photos in the paddocks and a friendly Caterham owner offered Jules a turn behind the driver's seat. Just as you would have in North America, there were a few BMW's, Civics and Miatas, but there were a lot more Lotus and Caterham products, including a Lotus 2-Eleven, a car I had never seen before. There was also an Ariel Atom, a Skyline R33, a Ginetta, and a couple of cars I could not even identify. Jules and I had a little walk around before heading to the village, and it was a nice surprise for me. Here are a few of the photos I snapped.

 photo IMG_7509_zps5df6d483.jpg
A typical track-prepped E36 BMW

 photo IMG_7490_zpsa5ed78c2.jpg
Lovely Alfa Romeo vintage racer
 photo IMG_7491_zpseab21f03.jpg
Part of the Caterham-Lotus crowd
 photo IMG_7492_zpsb4d3c03e.jpg
A rare Skyline R33
 photo IMG_7498_zps4346dfdf.jpg
Jules behind the wheel of a Caterham
 photo IMG_7500_zps63a83d91.jpg
Another rarity, a Lotus Sunbeam
 photo IMG_7501_zpscf2aa888.jpg
I don't know what this is, but it's light enough to tow with an Alfa Romeo sedan
 photo IMG_7502_zpsebbf5e90.jpg
A little Vauxhall, ready for action
 photo IMG_7503_zpsc9313d2c.jpg
Cool trailer for a cool Ginetta
 photo IMG_7506_zps6f6581d5.jpg
A sports racer, presumably built by ADR
 photo IMG_7507_zps06aec4f5.jpg
Another E36 BMW
 photo IMG_7508_zps52f56eaf.jpg
A few more Lotus-related products
 photo IMG_7512_zps5876f595.jpg
Lotus 2-Eleven
 photo IMG_7515_zpsfc667421.jpg
Honda-powered Ariel Atom
 photo IMG_7518_zps60086014.jpg
Jules enjoying the elevation changes around the track
 photo IMG_7519_zps317bab63.jpg
Yet another E36, and it seemed like a quick one
 photo IMG_7520_zps2a1c56c0.jpg
A Focus RS, probably there for the "RS Day" taking place the next day at the track

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