Monday, April 28, 2014

Team Black wins the playoffs!

It was a tough game, but we managed to hold on to win by 5 points. I scored no points at all, but got a few blocks and rebounds. So that's it, we are the champions!

Team Black 2013-2014
Our club held its first race school at St-Eustache on Saturday and Sunday. We had a particularly well-disciplined group and the weekend went off without a hitch. All the advanced-level students (400)  were granted race licenses. Here are a few photos (these are my fist automotive action photos with the SLR camera, so bear with me until I learn what I am doing!).

300-level group lineup
 photo 857d9ce0-79da-4067-88e4-4ade62189f36_zps956cd456.jpg
On-track action
 photo 5a6d5005-7f4a-4246-b0bf-26c35df72c5c_zps31e91b5d.jpg
Great colour for this car!
 photo 578e8756-be1c-42c7-9e6e-3b308954ea9a_zps5794bd4e.jpg
BMW action
 photo 091c6ee4-630a-4804-9685-e7a70d168b35_zps2f723287.jpg
This BMW stayed put
 photo mclaren_zpsb983ca97.jpg
This car showed up and took a few laps during a break in the school. Fast and loud... and fast!
 photo IMGP5050_zpscc5c92df.jpg
On-track action
 photo IMGP5021_zpsba0b4fac.jpg
Some spectators
 photo IMGP4880_zps70f08be5.jpg
A couple of future classics in the 100-200 group
 photo IMGP5069_zpsf1848816.jpg
I might have got stuck in the mud at some point...

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