Friday, July 6, 2012

Not much car stuff going on, but summer is still pretty great!

I can't say that I've been too busy to post here, but I have been out and about a lot trying to enjoy the last summer for Alex and I before the baby arrives! We went on a great little 3-day trip to the Charlevoix area last weekend. It was extremely relaxing and, even though it's only 300 km away, it really felt like a trip to a faraway land.

This is Alex in front of the B&B where we stayed. 

The lovely artisanal bakery where we stopped

The bakery's mill

Our lovely breakfast 

I have had a few mechanical issues with the Civic and have not been getting any track time. There was a problem with the transmission where it would not stay in gear in 3rd or 5th. I ordered a bunch of parts to fix it after Marc removed it and Pascal inspected it. I was hoping it would be fixed before our club's Mosport track day next week, but the parts still have not arrived. I had to resort to plan B, which involved buying a spare transmission to install temporarily. I also brought Marc a new steering rack (2, actually, since the first one was the wrong model) to be installed. The car should be ready...

Alex is now 7.5 months pregnant. She is still managing to enjoy summer and we go for many walks. Her endurance is almost astounding!

There have been an almost unbelievable amount of cool cars on the roads these days, including this ultra-rare Ferrary 550/575. I don't know if Ferrari ever officially made this car!

I also got a few phone photos of some other interesting cars, as can be seen here.


Cool cars spotted:
New BMW M5 (x2)
BMW 1M (x2)
BMW 635 Csi
Aston Martin Vantage (x3+)
Aston Martin DBS
Aston Martin DB9
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 1, 3, 8, 10
Lamborghini Gallardo
Ferrari California (x3+)
Ferrari F430 (x3+)
Ferrari 360 (x3+)
Ferrari 550/575 (x3+)
Ferrari F355 (x2)
Ferrari 599
Ferrari Testarossa
Lamborghini Gallardo
Mazda RX7 twin turbo
Toyota Supra twin turbo
Toyota MR2 mk.1
Lexus IS-F
Maserati GT (x3+)
Maserati Quattroporte (x3+)
AMG C63, C63 Coupe, E63. SL63, SLS63, G55
AMG C63 Black (!)
Porsche 997 turbo
Porsche 993
Porsche 964
Porsche 928
Alfa Romeo Spyder (x3)
Audi RS4
Audi RS6
Audi Ur-S4
Audi R8 (x3+)
Rolls-Royce Ghost
Rolls-Royce Phantom
Dodge Viper SRT/19 (x3+)
Lotus Elise
Saleen Mustang
Shelby GT500

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