Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lapping season is well under way now.

Last night was the first Monday of lapping with ASE Lapping Club. Although the weather wasn't great, many new drivers showed up. I had three different students and they all did well. I got to drive a Hyundai Genesis coupe for the first time. As I thought it would, it drove well. The car felt stable and the torque was impressive. However, in a blindfold test, I don't think the car would be mistaken for a BMW. Over all, though, it is a nicely finished car that is pleasant to drive.

I went out for a couple of sessions in the Civic, and again, the car felt great. In each session, I managed laps times better than at any time last year. I would estimate that the new asphalt at St-Eustache will drop lap times by about a second. My best lap was a 1:02.69, which is in fact my best ever lap with the 1.6 liter engine. As usual, I ended up following Pascal.

Here is a video, with a small tutorial on passing before the Carousel at 2:30.

This week I noticed that the rear tires of the BMW are really worn, much more than they were when I installed them a month ago. This seems to point to a toe problem in the rear. I will have to bring the car to Marc as soon as he is available to see if I need to change some bushings or something. Also, the driver door sensor only sometimes recognizes that the door is open. These are the first reliability issues I have had, and I guess that it was inevitable that some would pop up. I have driven the car 10 000 km, so I guess I was due for some repairs. Let's hope it doesn't hit the wallet too hard.

I was planning to take the M3 to the AISA school at Calabogie this weekend and ride in comfort, but I don't want to put that kind of mileage on the car until the alignment issue is fixed. I guess Alex will have to put up with the race car for a few hundred kilometers!

My basketball team lost again on Friday and we are eliminated from the playoffs. Again, we had only five players. Bummer.

Cool cars spotted:
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
Lamborghini Gallardo Spider
Bentley Continental
Porsche 997 turbo
Porsche 997 GT3
Porsche Boxster Speedster
Audi RS4
Audi RS6
Nissan GTR
Nissan Pulsar GTi-R
Volkswagen Golf R32
Dodge Viper RT/10
Corvette C6 Z06

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