Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Diamond news

Since my last post, the Diamonds have played two more games. The first game was against a team that we had beaten earlier in the season and was a lot closer than I would have liked it to be. We were up by 2 with one minute to play, but the girls kept their cool. The other team had no choice but to foul and this led to 2 more points on foul shots and a 4-point win. Not a great game, but good practice for playing under pressure.

Last Sunday, we had an early morning game against the undefeated first place team. We had lost our first game against them by 10. The beginning of the game was a disaster. We were down 14-0 after the first quarter. The girls played better in the second quarter, but were called for a bunch of fouls. When one of my top players fouled out in the third quarter after having been elbowed continuously by the other team's player, I strongly protested the call. This resulted in a technical foul, my first ever as a coach. I don't think the ref's call was justified, for the player's foul or for mine. This results in the whole team losing a point in the championship, which makes me even angrier at myself. Surprisingly, the girls began to play better and better and began to close the deficit. At the end of the game, the score was 40-35. I was quite impressed with their level of play. It's really, really too bad about that terrible first quarter. I have to find a way to make the girls play well right from the start of the game.

We have a game next Wednesday followed by a tournament in Repentigny over the weekend. This should be pretty exciting as there will be 16 teams in our class.

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