Monday, January 17, 2011

Basketball Diaries

Last week was a basketball intensive week. The girls had three games in three days, and I had a game of my own on Friday night.
The Diamonds’ first game went off without any problems. For once, the team led the whole game and they won by 19. My newest player turned out to play as well as I had hoped she would. I found out however that one of my best players would face a one-day suspension at school on the 14th (day of the third game) and that she would therefore not be allowed to play.
For the second game, I found out that the suspended player’s mother would not be allowing her to play in the near future. I find it sad when parents automatically respond to discipline problems by taking the child out of sports. The girls played very well in the first half and built up a nice lead. Despite some hiccups in the second half, they held on to win by 10 points.
On Friday, I was again without the suspended player and another player was to miss half the game due to detention. I really wish I could have had another go at this one, because the team was unable to hold on to a small lead and lost by a single point. I had not prepared the girls for scenarios like what to do when the other team has a 1-point lead and has the ball with 30 seconds to play. It was too late to call a time out and I had not ever explained to them that they would have to really go after the ball and commit a foul if necessary. Hopefully this loss will not affect the standings for the playoffs. With four games remaining, the Diamonds are now 6 and 2. I really hope I can get my suspended player back soon, as we have two more games in the next week.
My own team played remarkably well on Friday. Despite having only 5 players (no subs), we pretty much dominated the game. We led by as much as 30 and held on to win by 20. I think that coaching has given me a better understanding of the game and that, as a result, I am able to better contribute to the team’s offence.
Alex organized me a super birthday party on Saturday night, complete with BBQ burgers (thanks Carl for the BBQ work) and Singstar, the Playstation karaoke game. I had a great time. Today, it’s back to work, on what one psychologist has called the most depressing day of the year (Blue Monday). It was -22 degrees this morning, but at least the sun is shining!
Oh, and I sold the blue Civic yesterday. I was not too sad to see it go, especially since the buyer plans to make it into a drag racer. I was more glad to pocket a few dollars! Usually, when I get rid of a car, it is pretty much ready for the scrap yard. All in all, the blue Civic served its purpose as a fun to drive and reliable point A to point B car.

Cool cars spotted:
Bentley Continental
Porsche 997
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2

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