Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time to get to work on the car...

I can't believe it snowed all day on Tuesday. It was not just a few flakes either... I went for a 12 km run in snow and slush and it was extremely unpleasant. I wasn't able to do my 30-second intervals as there was simply not enough traction. I never expected to have to break out my winter running gear again! At least I was glad that I wasn't feeling any after-effects of my half-marathon training run on Sunday. Does this mean that I am fit and don't feel the effects of a hard run, or that I could have gone even faster? I don't know... This week is a low-mileage week, and I am enjoying the rest (of running 44 km instead of 75!).

Alex is still very busy with many work projects. This means that I can catch up on several car-related activities this weekend while she is working. These activities include:
- going to the open house at Carl's store, Perry Auto Laval
- picking up some used race tires from my friend Nigel
- helping Pascal mount the doors and bumper on the race car
- getting some race and street tires mounted on various wheels
- visiting me engine guy to pay him for some work
- going to a Federation meeting as a representative of my club, AISA

Monday-night lapping will begin on Monday, but my transmission won't be in the car yet. I will only get it back from the transmission guy on Monday, at which point Pascal will install it. I guess my first use of the car will be to head to Calabogie the following weekend. Hopefully, all the necessary tasks will be completed before then. I have the student list for the school and 3/4 of the students are advanced (usually it would be closer to 1/2)... should be fun! Then, I will have only 2 weeks to organize our participation in the Mosport Sundown GP 3-hour enduro. This should be relatively straightforward, as we have not done anything to the car that would affect its reliability. Stay tuned...

Cool cars spotted:
Porsche 998
Maserati GT
Audi RS4
Aston-Martin DB7
GMC Safari Condo off-roader (!)
Nissan Figaro
Acura NSX

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