Monday, March 1, 2010

The Olympics are over.

I'm one of those people who complains when Canadians don't perform well at the Olympics. Anyone who followed the Vancouver games can figure out that I was complaining quite a bit at the halfway point of the games a week ago. I was really surprised at the turnaround in performance as far as Canadians winning medals. I also watched the hockey final yesterday and I could feel butterflies in my stomach, which is not common when I'm simply watching something on TV. All in all, I am extremely pleased with Canada's performance at these Olympics. To go from no gold medals at Montreal and Calgary to 14 in Vancouver is truly astounding.

Last Friday, I had to go through a professional inspection at the office. This was quite stressful, but I think it went OK. We'll see when I receive the Bar association's recommendations.

My 12-week marathon training officially begins next week. I've been trying to ramp up the mileage so it will not be a shock to my system when I have to run over 60 km per week. In the past week, I ran 6 km on Monday, 6 km on Wednesday (in the slush) and 28 km yesterday with a small group from the Running Room. When you start to run distances like this, you can really explore areas further from home. This was the fist time I ran to Laval, for example. I look forward to planning my longer runs on the map so I can enjoy new areas in and around Montreal.

I had a basketball game Friday night and we lost in overtime. We played a solid game, but our shooting fell off in the second half, probably due to fatigue, as we were only 5 players. I think I scored 9 points. I finally scored a foul shot (1 for 2), which has been a problem for me lately. There is only one game left for the girls' team, in ten days. It looks like we will not make the playoffs, as the best we can realistically hope for is a tie with 8th place with a team that beat us, which would relegate us to 9th. Only the top 8 make it to the playoffs. I feel bad about this, as my team is made up of a good bunch of girls. Happily, most will still be eligible next year to play in this same age group, which should mean a few more victories.

Car stuff: not much going on with my race car. I've been closely following the lead up to the F1 season. It should be a very interesting beginning to the season: there are several new teams (between 2 and 5, depending how you count), Shumacher is back, and Villeneuve is negotiating to get back in the game as well. The season starts in less than two weeks.

Cool cars spotted:
Audi S5
New Audi S4
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II
Hummer H1

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