Friday, March 12, 2010

Final game of the season.

The Collège Reine Marie Diamonds lost their last game of the season yesterday. We were down by 17 at the half, we cut the lead to only 4 by the end the the third quarter, but things fell apart in the fourth quarter and we ended up losing by 24 points. It is now extremely unlikely that we will make the playoffs, as it would take default losses by the 8th place team to drop them into 9th behind us. I really hope we can achieve more than three wins next year. The team worked hard this year and really deserved more wins. I also hope that most of the grade 7 girls return next year so we can play in the same division (grade 7-8) with a more experienced team. I plan to continue to hold practices once a week to keep the team in shape and maybe teach them a couple more things this year.

I have officially started the 12-week marathon training program that Christian prepared for me (Merci Christian!). I was afraid I would get a late start as I had quite a sharp pain in my shin at the end of last week and over the weekend. I think it was tendinitis. I took it easy for a couple of days and didn't run last weekend at all. On top of that, I have been wearing running shoes all over the place instead of other types of shoes with poor support or no cushioning. This seemed to work, as I was able to start the program pain free on Tuesday. Here are the instructions according to the plan, and what I actually did:

March 9: 12 km including 8 x 30-second intervals at 16.5 km/h
I managed 10.2 km and all the intervals at target speed
March 11: 14 km including 6 x 400-meter intervals at 16 km/h
It was late after basketball... I managed 12.6 km and completed the intervals, although on some I did not manage the target speed. In most cases, this was due to a crosswind.

I know I have to stop slacking off on the target distances, and I plan to faithfully respect the plan this weekend (runs planned for Saturday and Sunday). I don't know how I will manage in Cuba without my GPS watch (it's illegal to bring a GPS device to Cuba), but I figure I can make some decent calculations with the stopwatch alone. I look forward to running in shorts and a t-shirt!

There has been little progress on the race car on my end, although Pascal has been working on the interior. The tranny is out and we have to find someone to put all the pieces together: new synchros, new final drive, change to a different differential that will fit with the new final drive. We also need a new clutch. Pascal will then put it back in the car and the result should be a better accelerating car (with only 111 ft-lb of torque).

Cool cars spotted:
Audi RS4
New Audi S4
Bentley Continental
Ferrari F430 (spring is here!)
Maserati GT
Maserati Quattroporte
Mercedes 230G
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 1

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