Friday, January 22, 2010

Montreal Car Show

I was not really planning on attending the car show this year, as I'm not really that into new cars. However, Alex got a free pass to the show and graciously handed it over. I decided to do a quick walk through the show today at lunch. Here are some observations:

The AMG SL63 Black: mean looking. I like it. I was surprised to even see one at the show.

Lamborghini: there were a bunch of Gallardo's and Murciealago's, including a Balboni Edition. There was even a Gallardo race car. Wow. Lovely cars.

Ferrari California: looks as good as on TV, but not as good as a F430.

AMG SLS: good-looking car, but not exactly stunning.

Ford Fiesta: the only car I sat in. Seems like a good quality car, though really, it's not that small. I hoped it would be smaller, I guess.

Lotus Evora: a lovely car for 84 000 $. It's not that big, unless you park it among a bunch of Elise's and Exige's.

Mazda RX8: I was considering this as a used car, as you can buy early ones for 10 000 $ now. I noticed that the rear legroom is a joke though. Maybe it would make a good second car, but not a good primary car.

Acura: what a frikkin' boring lineup.

Pininfarina: neat electric car on display. The battery weighs 700 pounds though. Ouch!

Manic: Manic was a Canadian sports car made in the 60's. It is not that pretty, but it only weighed 1500 pounds!

Micro cars: cool display including the Peel P50, the world's smallest production car (50 cc, 250 pounds!).

All in all, the prospect of buying a new car still seems like a huge waste of money, especially considering the caliber of used cars available for 10 000 $ or less.

I'm basketball news, I'm heading to Cowansville this weekend with my girls' basketball team. We have three games over two days. I hope we can come up with a win, although it looks like we're playing some pretty strong team. My own team is playing tonight and I hope we can keep our win streak alive.

In running news, I had trouble keeping up with the faster guys in my running group for the first time last Sunday. It was a 20.5 km run and I was out of gas in the last 3 km. This might be due to the fact that I had not slept much as it was the morning after my birthday party. Soon enough, I will have to start my training plan for the Ottawa marathon.

Cool cars spotted:
Audi S8
Bentley Continental
Mitsubishi Delica 4x4

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