Monday, June 29, 2009

The little engine that could.

I have to say that my plan of having a reliable and economical race car this year has been working out nicely. Last Monday, JP checked the timing on the Civic and saw that it was set very conservatively. By adjusting it, the engine instantly felt better. In fact, in only a couple of laps, both Carl and I got down into the 1:03's at St-Eustache, something I had been unable to do so far this year (I'm starting to love that G2X lap timer!). Here's a pic by JAG:

Civic at its home track
One of my students had a Maserati GT that I got to drive for a couple of laps. The car pulled nicely. The paddle shift is really fun on downshifts, but not that different feeling from an automatic on upshifts. Here is a photo by JAG:

My first drive in a Maserati
Carl borrowed the car for the weekend so he could run the GT sprint races at ICAR this weekend. We haven't really had time to talk about how it went, but Carl won his GT5 class in both races and finished in 9th and 8th over all, beating more than half the GT4 cars. He told me that he, JP and Fred Pruneau had made several improvements to the car and that he was running lap times of 1:38.5, which is more than 4 seconds faster than we had achieved a couple of weeks ago at the ICAR lapping night. I look forward to hearing the details. Carl said he had a perfect weekend and the car was great. It seems that returning to a stock motor has not made the car that much less fun to drive!

This weekend, JP and I will be heading to Mosport to instruct at their Solo 1 school. If the weather is nice, I will probably participate in the Solo 1 on Sunday as well to get more track time at Mosport. I really want to get more comfortable there. I think the lap timer will help me keep track of how hard I am pushing. I hope the weather is decent, because I don't have any tires for the wet...

Cool cars spotted:
Lamborghini Gallardo
Ford GT
Lotus Elise
Corvette Z06
Audi RS4
Audi S4 Avant
Audi R8
Ferrari 550
Ferrari F430
Ferrari Testarossa
Bentley Arnage
Maserati Quattoporte
GMC Cyclone

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