Thursday, December 20, 2007

Paper done!

I handed in my Master's paper this morning and it was very satisfying. My professor might ask me to make corrections or he might just give me a pass. Either way, it will all be over in 6 months or less (hopefully less!).

I received an invoice from Europcar today for speeding tickets in my rental car in Italy this summer. This really sucks. I was driving very conservatively, especially on the first day... both tickets are from the first day. The Italian drivers were whizzing by me left and right. I guess they know where the speed cameras are. Anyway, the invoice was for 60 euros, which seems to be an admnistration fee. I guess it's safe to assume there is a good chance that I will receive the actual tickets in the mail at some point.

Our rental Fiat
This is me in the 65 hp rental car with which I allegedly committed two moving violations the same day. The plastic cover fell off the driver's side mirror in the first five minutes of the rental.

This is what the cops were driving...

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