Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The season is ending

It's getting cold outside. This morning on the walk to work, my hand got too cold to hold the book I was reading. I was happy to see a woman driving an MX5 with the top down... that's hardcore. I hate it when I see people driving with the top up when it's 17 degrees out. This morning it was 4 degrees, so, MX5 driver, I salute you.

I had a crazy idea on the walk to work this morning. Alex told me that she was going to Toronto with her girlfriends on the weekend of November 11th. This got me thinking that I should find something fun to do for myself. I then had the brilliant idea to attend the November EMRA Lime Rock race as I did in 2003 (see that story here: ) if it happened to fall on that weekend. I would make it a one-day trip, just as I had in 2003. Anyway, when I got to work, I checked the date, and the race is 2 weeks earlier than it would have needed to be. I guess the race season really is over.

I got a call from Carl and we'll be heading out to Calabogie in a convoy on Friday afternoon so we can have an instructors' briefing at the hotel Friday evening. Apparently, there are 20 or so students. I hope it doesn't rain, as I have no usable rain tires for the race car. So far the forecast says cloudy Saturday, rainy Sunday. I wish I had taken track notes when I was last there, as I've already forgotten most of what I've learned of the track. Hopefully it will be one of those cases where it all comes back to me when I'm out there.

My Mom was trying to be helpful with the blue Civic project and went to a scrapyard to find the connector I need for the headlight. Unfortunately for her, she got a speeding ticket for doing 56 in a 30 zone. She called me while the officer was writing her up. This is only the second speeding ticket she had ever got in her life. The other was on the same street in the early 80's when she was driving my Dad's '76 Jaguar XJ6L. Ironically, she now has more demerit points than I do (2 to 0)! Still, I feel bad. She will check to see if the speed limit was indicated to see if we can contest it.

Cool cars spotted:
Ferrari 360 Modena
Porsche 996 turbo
Audi RS4

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