Friday, October 5, 2007

Project Blue Civic

I drove the blue Civic to Pat's place last night and might head over to his shop tomorrow night to help him with the swap (not that he needs help, but I would like to learn a bit about swaps). The car drives nicely on the highway. Although I will miss the 323, the Civic feels like a much more modern car, even though it was built in 1994, just like the Mazda.

I know that I should not be too optimistic, but it would be great if the Civic could be ready to try on the track on Monday at St-Eustache. Of course, this would depend on many factors, one of them being that the new exhaust manifold can be bolted directly to the original exhaust system.

One thing is for sure: at least one of my Civics will be driven on the track Monday (if it doesn't rain, as I have no rain tires). I called Trac to make sure that the red Civic would be accessible to me (and not locked away in the garage). It has been a while since I've driven it.

The Summit Point enduro project is coming closer to reality. There were four main conditions that had to be met for me to go:
1- Make sure it was OK with Alex
2- Find a 3rd driver
3- Get medical insurance
4- Finish 40 pages of my Master's thesis.

Number 1 is covered. Number 2 is still uncertain. I made good progress on both 3 and 4 in the past 24 hours. A racing friend told me to contact a certain broker about insurance. He found me a product that will cover 80% of medical expenses for 24$ per 50 000$ of coverage per 8-day trip. This seems to be the type of product I was looking for.

As for my Master's thesis, I manage to bring the total pages from 4 to 14 in the last day, so I'm pretty psyched about that. I have to hand it in in December.

So things are looking up for the Summit Point race. Let's see how things develop.

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