Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Pep is not enough for good lap times...
I just went to one of my favourite stores, Canadian Tire, and didn't buy anything. I don't really need anything for my cars. I guess I'm getting to the point that I have all the tools that I need (for the limited repairs and maintenance that I know how to do) and that the next step is to replace them with better ones.

The Mazda is still a pleasure to drive through the city. It's just the right size and it has "pep". I don't know how one defines pep (my wife asked me once what it meant). I remember that my Mom used to tell me that she liked her 1981 Civic because it was peppy. I never used to understand that as the car had something like 65 hp. But I understand better now. My 82 hp Mazda has pep. I guess it's a combination of throttle response, gearing and power-to-weight ratio. There are very few new cars that have what I would call pep and that's sad. I bet the original Mini had it (I've never driven one yet). I could go into a rant about how this is due to the increasing weight of modern cars, but that will be the subject of a future rant.

Cool cars spotted today:
Bentley Continental Flying Spur
Skyline GTS-T
Ford GT

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