Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Slow week

I finally finished the speaker installation in the blue Civic this evening. Alex reminded me today that it was time to make the car ready to become the daily driver. I guess I kind of liked having two potential daily drivers, but there's really no point in my neighbourhood. So I've put the 13-inch winter wheels on so I can try once again to get the car aligned tomorrow. Then I can put it into service as a daily driver. I will still have to fix the faulty headlight and annoying rattling exhaust.

There was a documentary on CBC about dog owners in Japan. I realize that dog lovers and car lovers have a lot in common. I guess it's the same with many involving hobbies.

I want one of these... this would be the perfect car for me
Cool cars spotted:
E28 BMW M5
Old Mini Clubman
Porsche 924 S

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