Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall Trac School

This weekend, we held the last Trac Racing school of the year at St-Eustache. As usual, there was a large variety of car types. In fact, the first three cars I saw when I arrived at the shop Saturday morning were a Civic, a Skyline and a 944... typical mix. The different types of cars and drivers is one of the things that make it fun to instruct at this school. The cars on hand included a 996 turbo, a couple of 944's, various Honda's and VW's, including an AWD turbo diesel Corrado (!), the Kia that competed in the Targa Newfoundland a few years ago, a new BMW 3-series, 2 Skylines, an AMG C55, an Audi S4, a Mazdaspeed 6 and various other sporting and not so sporting cars.

The instructors assigned to my team were Martin Patterson, Dude and Nigel Heron. Sebastien Rochon dropped by and gave us a hand as well. My students were a good bunch and we had no real problems with them. I believe they had a good time and learned a great deal. In the mock race at the end of the school, they pitted the 996 turbo against a very quick 92 Civic hatch and, although the Porsche took the Civic on the start, the Civic eventually caught it and pulled away. I timed one of the Civic's laps... 1:01.2. That is extremely fast for the conditions we had today. It just goes to show the potential of Civics on small tracks. This, of course, was no ordinary Civic. It was weight reduced to the max, not even close to street legal, and had 200 whp. Still, it was being driven hard and well and it was a pleasure to watch in action.

Sometimes, I think that the only thing I am jealous of when I look at people with a lot more money than me is the cars they can buy. I'm not even talking about the Porsches and Ferraris... I wish I could have more Hondas to play with! In fact, Martin Patterson mentioned that he might be selling his 1990 Civic Si... almost rust free with only a few tasteful modifications. I wish I had an extra couple of thousand dollars lying around, as well as a couple of secure parking spots.

I was lucky to be able to leave the school early on rainy Saturday to attend my friend William's wedding. I enjoyed a pleasant afternoon and evening with Alex at the wedding and reception.

I talked to Pat Boyer and he told me that he had found the faulty wire that was making the car run like crap before ceasing to function altogether. He also managed to fix the headlight. I should finally be able to make the car my daily driver this week, as I'll be able to pick it up in a couple of days. I might still need to change the starter as it doesn't work all the time.

Over all, a satisfying weekend then.

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