Friday, October 26, 2007

Can anything else go wrong?

It seems that, when the blue Civic is involved, I always take a step back for every step forward. I picked the car up from the alignment shop (3rd try to align the car was finally successful) last night and, as I left the parking lot, the check engine light came on. The motor was hesitating and cutting at less than 3000 rpm. When I got home, I popped the hood and noticed the small intake snorkel had come off and was resting on a plug from the wiring harness. I put the snorkel back and "jiggled" the plug, and the engine stalled. There seems to be a problem with the wiring in that area. I checked the connector and it seemed fine, although I could no longer start the car at all. Time to call CAA for the second time in one week! The car was towed to Pat's garage, and I hope he can find whatever's wrong, as well as fix the headlight situation. One day this car will be my daily driver!

It's funny, because whenever I have a new car project, it causes me a lot of stress as I try to complete it. This is ironic, because when I don't have a project going, I always wish I had. I guess that all these small trials will be forgotten when the car is finally up and running.

Tomorrow, I'll be up early to instruct at another Trac school at St-Eustache. I look forward to it, because the students in this school are not attending as part of a corporate package deal, as was the case last week at Calabogie. In other words, the students tomorrow will have paid the school fee with their own money. The student body is made up of true enthusiasts, and enthusiastic students are a pleasure to teach. Last week I had a great team or instructors in my group, including Sam and Jean-Seb from Trac, Martin Patterson, Pascal St-Cyr and newcomer Marie-Laurence. I hope to have a similarly talented team tomorrow. I'll be leaving early tomorrow to head to my friend William's wedding, then spending all day Sunday at the track. Having a tolerant wife comes in handy when doing back-to-back schools like this!

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