Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Back from vacation

I had an excellent weekend in Maine with Alex which involved some exploring by bike and some exploring by car. The 323 performed flawlessly on the longest trip it's ever been on.

I left the blue Civic behind (stupidly getting a parking ticket in the process). When I picked it up from the alignment shop, they told me that they could not align it because the wheels were too wide for their machine. I still cannot check that item off the list! On top of that, they told me that one of the old tires I put on was not seating right on the mag. This puts me in the ironic situation that I will have to buy back some used tires I sold to a friend. I also have to put my winter tires on early to go get the car aligned. I finally managed to install the new speaker. It turns out the stupid connector I was trying to buy came included in the box of speakers and I hadn't noticed it. I had to drill 5 holes into the "universal" adapter plate to make it fit. Now I have to repeat the process for the passenger side (I will probably procrastinate on that one since that speaker works fine). I will soon take the car back to Pat's for the oil change and to try to fix the headlight.

I will be going to Calabogie on Friday for the weekend to instruct at Trac's first ever Calabogie school. I will be taking the race car, which should be fun, since last time I was there I had a Volvo C30 street car. I just hope it doesn't rain as I have no rain tires and the school as a whole will be more unpleasant.

It looks like the November Summit Point enduro won't be happening, as my co-drivers are just not that into it. Too bad. I have convinced Alex that with the money saved, I should be allowed to go to Le Mans as a spectator in 2008 (Alex gets jealous when I travel without her, as she loves to travel much more than I do).

Cool cars spotted on the trip:
Pontiac GTO
Cadillac CTS-V
BMW M Coupe
E36 M3 4-door
60's Mustang Fastback
Bentley Azure

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